Use Google Home like a boss with these five great tips

Use Google Home like a boss with these five great tips

If you have just installed the brand new Google Home, you will want to give it a try right away and enjoy all the useful Google Assistant features. Just don’t forget to take a good look at your settings first.

Of course, the Google Home app already has some default settings, but we advise you not to settle for that. By changing a few settings, you can get the most out of the devices you control with Google Home and make them work together.

Take your Google Home to the next level with these five tips

There are many smart features you can set up on your Google Home that make your devices safer and more fun. If you want to know more about smart devices, have a look on the tips page from Google.

#1 Get a notification when someone joins your Google Home group

If you are the only person in your household, you might be wondering why you would want to be notified when someone joins your Google Home group. In addition to keeping you informed of changes, this setting is also intended to improve security. For example, this signal can help prevent unwanted access if your Google account has been hacked.

To enable these notifications, open the app, and go to institutions and press notices. converts People and devices In and for messages with push notifications that you also put Product updates on me.

#2 Remove useless personal data

It may sound crazy, but Google Assistant keeps records of every voice command Google Home has ever heard. The software helps to recognize your voice and better execute future commands. But it is understandable that you would prefer not to keep this data. Fortunately, you can remove them easily.

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Get rid of malware. (Image: Microsoft)

Go to page Your data on the assistant. tap on my activity Then the three dots symbol. He chooses delete activity b. Choose how far back you want to delete the data and press to delete.

#3 Make calls using your Google Home devices

Google Home also allows you to make hands-free calls. It’s a great feature that makes it quick and easy to place calls from anywhere in the house. If you want to do this hands-free, make sure your phone number is set up correctly.

Open the app and tap institutions. Scroll down and select Voice and calls. tap on mobile calls. If you haven’t set up your number yet, tap phone number And add the phone number. Once that’s paired, you can make hands-free calls. Then say “Hey Google” and “Call [naam contactpersoon]”.

Google House
Google Home at home. (photo: google)

#4 Change your nickname

You choose the name you like Google Home. For example with your first name or a funny nickname. You can think of it as crazy as you want, but you have to spell it yourself.

Open the Google Home app, tap institutions Then he arrives More settings. tap on nickname and type the name you want to use. He presses He plays to hear how it sounds. If it is wrong, keep changing the spelling until the helper spells it correctly. And don’t forget to confirm.

#5 Create a speaker array for more listening pleasure

Google Home speakers sound great and get even better when put together. Add as many speakers as you like to a group. This way you can play the same music on multiple speakers. Perfect for a party.

Open the Google Home app and tap on the plus sign. He chooses Create a group, select the speakers you want to use and choose a name for the group. Click Memorizes And you are ready to celebrate!

7 smart tips to improve your smart home

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