Just another sudden crash, attention, numbers, a lot of trouble before the stock market

Nog maar een flash crashje, rente, cijfers en veel gedoe voorbeurs

Hasse left with a score of 700 but again technology is in the lead? The AEX is +1.1% after another choppy day on Wall Street – where technology excelled – and last night there was turmoil in Asia:

  • European futures open 0.5% to +1.1%
  • Americans are now doing +0.2% to +0.3%
  • In Asia, China is going fast, the CSI 300 index achieves +2.4%. What’s more, in Hong Kong there was a sudden collapse of Alibaba. Tencent stands + 0.9%. Moreover, it is quiet in the Far East with modest pros and cons. Australia raises interest rates from 0.1% to 0.35%
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) fell -3.2% to 32.3, again expecting a lot of movement
  • The dollar stabilized at 1.051
  • The German ten-year interest rate does nothing at 0.96% and the US interest rate is the same at 3.01%
  • Gold at -0.1, Oil at -0.9%, Bitcoin at -0.4% and Ethereum at -0.9%

The most important things first, a classic fat finger, so yesterday’s 315 billion euro crash happened, or something wrong. traditional. The story doesn’t tell us whether this trader – that’s the worst thing that could happen to you behind the scenes – is back in business today… or not at all…

So, greetings from Stockholm.

In the next crash, Alibaba collapsed last night in Hong Kong due to the news that one of them will be Mr. Ma Arrested† Turns out it’s not Jack Ma, the former founder and disgraced (?) CEO and figurehead of the company.

Here’s the full story for those who love market stuff:

To Damrak, DSM has Q1 trading update and delivers. As usual, you’ll say approx. Analysts’ expectations were exceeded, expectations were maintained and the group was not reporting details about all those issues that plagued the economy, businesses and consumers.

Kendrion is also present with Q1’s At first glance, they are in order:

The Dutch, but Nasdaq-listed NXP Semiconductors, already set a record last night. Q1 numbers Which is also slightly better than expected. The stock rose +1.2% in trading After hours

Another picture, twists. With these scores in the CBOE VIX (S&P 500) and VDAX-New (DAX) Index, prices can once again do the craziest bluff.

News, short tips and agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since Amsterdam closed yesterday at newsletter Alfen and Accell, who own at least 80% of the shares Want to see login For the passage of the KKR offer of 58 euros per share. †

  • 08:01 AEX starts green
  • 07:50 More turnover and results for Kendrion
  • 07:43 BNP Paribas sees an increase in profits
  • 07:40 Market view: DSM widely supported
  • 07:32 A strong start to the year Deutsche Post
  • 07:28 Flash crash in Alibaba
  • 07:22 Alfen sells energy storage systems to DSG
  • 07:17 Australia’s central bank raises interest rates
  • 07:14 DSM beats analyst expectations
  • 07:08 European stocks open higher
  • May 02 NXP Exceeds Expectations
  • On May 2, Wall Street rose after a belated recovery
  • May 02 Inventory Update: AEX on Wall Street
  • May 02, oil prices rose slightly
  • May 02 Covestro.Profit Warning
  • May 02 Wall Street Low
  • May 02 European stocks start in May negative
  • May 02 Accell clarifies the takeover offer
  • May 02 Signify completes acquisition of Fluence
  • May 02 Bad start to AEX month
  • May 02 reappointment of IMCD CEO
  • 02 May HAL Completes Sale of Livit

AFM reports this shorts

schedule of work:

  • 08:00 DSM Q1 numbers
  • 08:00 Kendion Numbers Q1
  • 08:00 Deutsche Post Q1 numbers
  • 09:00 ASML listing €3.70 excluding profits
  • 09:00 Quote from Acomo € 0.60 no return
  • 09:00 Besi, quote 3.33 € without profits
  • 09:00 Flow Traders Quote 0.35€ excluding profits
  • 09:00 ABInBev listing of €0.50 without profit
  • 13:00 Pfizer Q1 numbers
  • 16:00 US Factory Orders, March +1.1% MoM
  • 18:00 UMG Q1 numbers

then this

Holder, it’s a market for me:

Quarter to 0.35%:

What is the price?!


okay then:

She is now 3%:

Pure bull market surplus?

That too, but that reaction?

Enjoy and good luck today.

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