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Proximus offers cybercrime insurance to Belgian consumers. The Belgian provider does this in cooperation with AXA partners. The insurance provides coverage in cases of online fraud, harassment or defamation.

Proximus offers Insurance called Cyber ​​Care for 5 euros per month. For this amount, assistance is provided to all family members in the same house. This relates to providing technical, legal, financial and psychological assistance when one or more family members discover suspicious behavior online or become a victim of fraud.

Legal and psychological assistance may be provided under this insurance if the consumer believes, for example, that his identity or personal data are being used for fraudulent purposes. Insurance can also be called in if there is a “bad online shopping experience”, such as a non-compliant delivery. This is the delivery of a product that does not meet what the consumer might expect. The refund amount can be up to a maximum of 5,000 euros.

In the event of reputation damage and online harassment, assistance is provided to “restore your online reputation”. Here too, the maximum amount is 5,000 euros per year and this relates to a maximum of three cases. In the case of defamation or harassment on the Internet, psychological help can be promised, as well as technical assistance to remove the material.

The provider stresses that prevention, vigilance and “investment in a good antivirus” remain important, but this is not always enough. According to Proximus, some forms of fraud today are so complex that even highly experienced users can become victims of them. That’s why the company says it’s important for consumers to be able to protect themselves from cybercrime. This is the rationale for the introduction of insurance. This lock has already been tested before.

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