Gordon’s bad reactions to the sensational pool photo: “Walrus!”


Gordon posted a sexy photo online of him lying on the edge of a swimming pool. The reactions are unfortunately not very enthusiastic: the presenter is a bodily corny. “Walrus!”


The emirate of Dubai welcomed Gordon as a new resident this year. The artist is Holland, he has made millions, and he is completely tired of it. Nevertheless, he finds it important to show the Netherlands, whom he greatly despise, what he is doing in sunny Dubai, day in and day out.

Wallers Gordon

Gordon enjoys life in Dubai. We see a lot of pictures of food on social media: it jumps from sushi to oysters and back again. He shows the result today with a sultry photo of him standing on the edge of the pond in his leggings (see below).

It’s somewhat reminiscent of a picture of a swimming pool that Thierry Baudt painted a few years ago, but is less aesthetically pleasing. And that leads to some really sordid comments about Gordon. He feels very ashamed. There are a lot of people who compare it to a walrus. you did not, Naturally.

SBS viewers are critical

It was Gordon’s special viewers on SBS 6 that got him through this mess. the Facebook page Van Shownieuws is full of people who just can’t believe the presenter allowed himself to be filmed this way. “Whales used to wash up on the beach, these days they lie by the pool,” Sjonnie sneezes.

“No interest in that fat body yoke,” said Shownieuws commentator Charles. And Paula: “Isn’t it hot, walruses on the edge of the pond? Bah-bah.”

“No more hunger!”

When Miriam says she’s “not immediately hungry anymore,” Shownieuws responds with a venom from Gordon, which makes the singer’s face tired.

In general, the reactions are all very bad and not nice. Really not nice for Gordon. “Please reach out to this guy,” Wesley says. And Dennis: “Yeah really, you think Hazes doesn’t hear anything from you, you get that jumper.”

Nobody gets red ears from Gordon? Yes, Nelly is single. “Looks good, great picture. Gordon is a beautiful man. It can be seen, there is nothing wrong with that.”


Pool photo in question:

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