Steiner thinks Haas American: “No pressure”

Steiner thinks Haas American: "No pressure"

The first US Grand Prix of this year is scheduled for this weekend. They will finish the Grand Prix of the same name in Miami and return home in the fall for the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. After all, the hype for racing in Miami is huge.

The Grand Prix is ​​the only team home race. The Haas team will reveal their value before their home meeting this weekend. Significantly, the team did not come from the US, the team boss was Italian and the drivers came from Germany and Denmark. Not a single major American sponsor was seen, and last year the cars were even worn in Russian colors because of the main sponsor of the country in question.


Haasil, however, was under no pressure from the top positions of the game or from the seniors on the team. This is significant as the game is gaining popularity in the United States. Günther Steiner, team leader at’s Italian branch, makes it clear: “There’s no pressure from above, there’s no need to be. We’re working on a lot of things in the US right now. There is interest, and now we need to get sponsors. “


Steiner also disagreed with the claim that Haas’s group did not disclose American identity to the outside world. Even well-known Italians feel the same way about their racing status. Steiner sees his team as very American: “We are in the US with Haas CMC and Haas Tooling. They are just American companies. You can not be more American than us.”

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