Jordi Shore star Chloe Ferry disfigured after botched surgery

Jordi Shore star Chloe Ferry disfigured after botched surgery

From her breasts and nose to her lips and eyebrows, Khloe has undergone nearly every procedure you can imagine. The reality star is unstoppable and recently decided that she’d love to have a fox’s eye. To do this, her eyes had to be raised and slightly pulled. She has already shown on Instagram that this surgery did not go well. She shared a picture of herself with a bow on her face on her Instagram Stories.

on me the sun Khloe told her she deeply regrets the surgery. After the operation, Chloe experienced an “unbearable” migraine and a high temperature. According to her, the complaints were so bad that she eventually had to go to the hospital. There she was told that she had contracted an infection. The reality star was given antibiotics but continues to suffer from migraines to this day. She also has a dent in her face.

For Chloe, this is unpalatable. “My skin has always been really good,” she explains. “I’ve never had pimples and now I have a huge indentation on my face that is permanent. It ruined my life and made me very insecure. I can’t leave my house without makeup. I’m disfigured.”

Chloe warns people about such an operation. “I don’t know why I did it in the first place. It made me feel so ashamed and had a huge impact on my mental health.”

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