No one is waiting for a more brave party with the Film Awards

No one is waiting for a more brave party with the Film Awards

In the portraits section, film critic Florty Smit took a look at contemporary visual culture.

Florty Smit

Every year we watch movies that make us laugh, cry and think. Movies we will remember. our end dog power With the award for Best Drama.

this tweet This weekend was the sizzling apocalypse of the Golden Globe Awards, which until last year kicked off the raucous and boisterous “Film Awards season.”

It also marks the end of a file turbulent year For the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The organization behind Globus has been heavily criticized for a lack of diversity, excessive corruption and nepotism. She’s been trying to improve her image for a year, with new board members, more members of color and a stricter code of conduct.

Hollywood remained skeptical. Skip those prices for a year, was the advice. NBC said fix first, then we want to broadcast the party again.

But the Hollywood Association of Foreign Journalists apparently wanted to show goodwill. First came the most prestigious list of candidates ever. No unanimously criticized series suddenly had a chance after voters voted ‘by chance’ Super Deluxe Trip to Paris have got. No half-baked comedies seem to have a chance only for the members to take selfies with movie stars, squeeze an arm or maybe another body part a little sensually.

The awards were then announced without a show, via a series of tweets, with charity promotions in between. Among the deserving winners were director (Jane Campion), actor of color (Will Smith) and first-time actress (Michaela Rodriguez). Really zero moan about possible. was different. It was boring. boring from the sky.

it’s a problem. Ricky Jervis, the host who, year after year, adorably mocked the cinematic elite during the ceremony, after which they were photographed with sour mouths, once beautifully described the right to the presence of the awards: “Golden Globes compared to Oscars like Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton. Louder. A little bit, tidier, sugarier, and easier to buy.”

In fact, it was better to wait a year, and also think about what the Golden Globes were doing right. Then he turned it into an ordinary explosion of self-mockery, with crazy winners, chosen to shake up good society. Without corruption, racism and gender discrimination.

If the HFPA is to remain relevant, members need to learn this year’s most important lesson: embrace rebellion. Nobody wants a party look drastically better than the Oscars.

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