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Apple has removed several copies of the popular Wordle game from the App Store. The popularity of the original game variants quickly rose, but this led to criticism that the games were copied and making money off the hype.

Lots of Wordle games have been removed from the App Store. The only game left with this name is Wordl!, but this game was released five years ago and it is different from the current popular version. Apple confirmed to Bloomberg to perform Against Wordle clones.

The measures come on the heels of criticism on social media of multiple versions of Wordle, with or without the push functionality, which have emerged in a short time. The original was created by former Reddit developer Josh Wardle, who created it last October put online. The game appeared as a web-only app, and in an interview with The New York Times the developer explained it There is no money To earn money and not to collect data from users.

The game itself is a kind of Lingo. Players have to guess a five-letter word and the green and yellow colors show if the letters are part of the word and in the correct place. One of the features that makes the game popular is the fact that there is only one word to guess per day.

Developer Zach Shaked, in particular, came under fire on social media last week after he asserted: How popular It has become its mobile version of Wordle. Players can purchase a $30 per year subscription to its app to play unlimited words. After deleting his app, Shaked said he tried Commercial deal With Wardle, he refused. Shaked app was a From several copied games which was popular in the App Store under the name Wordle.

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