More than 67 percent of Linux gamers use an AMD CPU, according to a Steam survey

Over two-thirds of Steam users who use Linux have a system with an AMD CPU. The share of AMD systems among Linux users on Steam has never been higher, thanks in part to Steam Deck, according to the latest Steam Hardware survey.

in June 2023 The number of Linux users on Steam with an AMD CPU was about 8 percentage points higher than the previous month, according to Valve’s monthly Steam Hardware survey. The turning point was about a year ago, at July 2022when there were first more AMD processors than Intel processors in Linux systems.

This is also not entirely coincidental a few months after the release of Steam Deck, which uses SteamOS Linux distro with an AMD CPU. About 40 percent of all Linux users on Steam do so from the Steam Deck. While the numbers don’t clearly show why other Steam Linux desktop users will prefer AMD processors, continuous updates to improve support for AMD processors will contribute to this.

By the way, the number of gamers using Steam on Linux is relatively small. In June of 2023, 1.44 percent of all Steam users used the operating system in question. Windows and MacOS power respectively 96.77 and 1.79 percent of all systems on which Steam is used.

In terms of Windows users on the gaming platform, the stats have been relatively consistent over the past few years; The number of users with an Intel CPU is always between 66 and 71 percent in this category.

Update, 19.10.1: As many Tweakers correctly point out, Steam Deck contributes to the development described in the article. The letter is tightened.

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