Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Review


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 may not differ much from its predecessor, the Fold3, but the improvements made to the Fold4 are enough to use this new device. The device lasts longer on a battery charge, has better cameras, a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, and can charge faster. The cameras are good enough to beat even the Galaxy S22 Ultra in some areas. The device also scores excellent in terms of software. The ability to multitask and use the smartphone as a small laptop thanks to the taskbar is a welcome addition. Samsung’s update policy complements the software experience. You’ll have to dig deep into your wallet to get this experience, but if you want a foldable device, the Fold4 is a good choice.

Samsung managed to surprise us a few years ago with foldable devices, the Flip and the Fold. The fourth version for both devices was launched this year. We recently covered the Flip4 in another review, and now it’s time to put the Fold4 on the shelf.

The Korean company does not hide that it is coming up with new foldable devices. There are a lot of ads to put devices on the map. Perhaps it was an attempt to hide the fact that it’s a pretty boring premise, although the folding is still something special. At first glance, it looks like it hasn’t changed much with the Fold4 compared to the Fold3. For example, the Fourth Fold has a new soc, a modified main camera, a redesigned hinge, and an improved telephoto camera. In addition, the device is slightly smaller, which makes it look more squared when opened. The external display also has a slightly different cutout and resolution. However, these innovations are hardly noticeable, especially if you don’t have a Fold3 folder next to Fold4.

It shouldn’t be a problem that Samsung hasn’t changed much about the Fold4. The Fold3 was a really good device, so why would Samsung completely change the design? The rival company hardly bothers because Xiaomi, OPPO, Lenovo and Huawei focus on their home market: China. So you might be wondering if the Galaxy Z Fold4 is worth it. We tested the device extensively to find out.

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