Jerry Jones Thinks He Could Get $10 Billion For The Cowboys, But Says He’ll Never Sell The Team

Jerry Jones Thinks He Could Get $10 Billion For The Cowboys, But Says He'll Never Sell The Team

The Bronco Currently for sale, there are some indications of franchise It can go for a record sum of $5 billion. But this is nothing compared to what Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones thinks he can get Team America. 79-year-old businessman He told NBC Sports This week it could sell the Cowboys for “more than $10 billion”. However, Jones added that he would not accept such an offer, insisting that he would “never sell the Cowboys” as long as he remained the owner.

“Let me make that very clear,” he told Peter King. “I will say it emphatically. I will never do that. I will never sell cowboys.”

As for Jones’ expected $10 billion price tag in case he’s ready to sell? Forbes The Cowboys are valued at $6.5 billion, but businessman Mark Janis — a consultant on the NFL — told King he thinks Jones could get $8.5 billion if he sells the team. Either way, those totals will break the cost record for a professional sports franchise. Premier League club Chelsea]was recently sold for $5.22 billion, which is the current record. The Broncos, for reference, is worth $4.5 billion Forbes.

Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 for a record sum of $150 million at the time.

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