Jeff Okuda Trade: Detroit Lions fan approval poll

Jeff Okuda Trade: Detroit Lions fan approval poll

The Detroit Lions traded the third overall pick on Tuesday, sending cornerback Jeff Okuda to Atlanta Falcons in exchange for a fifth-round pick. The move came as a bit of a surprise, but it didn’t quite come out of left field. Okudah was picked under the previous regime, and the Lions brought in several defensemen such as Cameron Sutton, CJ Gardner-Johnson, and Emmanuel Moseley via free agency. He struggled to develop due to several seasons shortened by injuries, and finally it was time for a fresh start.

Question of the day: Do you agree with Jeff Okuda’s trade?

my answer: There are two components to this. On the other hand, there is the principle of Okudah circulation. I don’t think I would have pulled the plug if I had been at the Lions front desk, but I understand the decision to do so. After all the turmoil Okuda has faced, a fresh start might be just what he needs. This decision was fine for me.

The other part is compensation. I don’t think you could realistically have ordered more than three selections in one day, all things considered. Since being drafted third overall, Okuda has struggled mightily, and also suffered a torn Achilles, something that can ruin careers, not to mention deplete commercial value. Okudah’s stock is down, after finishing the season by being benched. When you sell at a low price, you don’t get much return.

Personally, I don’t like compensation. I don’t think the Lions could have had much more than they did, but as for the fifth round pick, I think I would let Okuda see a full stop and see if another year would work out for him. In the end, I understand the other side of that. A fifth-round pick can easily be a powerhouse or contributor on special teams. But for me, kicking the tires on Okudah one last time is probably better than most of your long-term defensive back prospects in the fifth round.

I’m not mad about it, though. In the end, it was a fair trade, probably more than most teams can score given where Okudah is currently.

what do you think? Would you have done things differently? Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments by scrolling down.

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