The Print Screen key in Windows 11 now opens the Snipping Tool by default – Computer – News

Microsoft is changing the function of the Print Screen key in Windows 11 so that it opens the Snipping Tool automatically. Change KB5025310 is in a beta version of Windows 11 and can be reverted through the Settings menu.

Users who press the Print Screen button in the beta will immediately see the updated Snipping Tool in Windows 11, Microsoft writes. This tool is a combination of the old Snipping, Annotation, and Snipping Tool that is also included in older Windows versions. To restore the old functionality of the Print Screen button, users can change the function of the button through the accessibility settings. The old function took a screenshot and saved it to the clipboard.

The change to the default function of the Print Screen key isn’t the only change Microsoft made in the beta. By default, the maximum number of tabs that can be opened with alt + tab is set to twenty. According to Microsoft, this is intended to reduce performance issues. This can also be modified via the Settings menu. Another change is that, according to Microsoft, searching for settings via the Start menu should be faster.

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