The number of immigrants in Italy has quadrupled, and the government has declared a state of emergency

The number of immigrants in Italy has quadrupled, and the government has declared a state of emergency
Migrants await a medical examination in the port city of Brindisi, southern Italy

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More than 31,000 migrants have already arrived on the Italian coast this year, almost four times more than in the same period last year. Then approximately 8,000 migrants successfully ventured across.

Last week alone, more than 3,200 migrants arrived in the southern European country, 1,389 of them on Sunday. This concerns both people who set sail for Italy in migrant boats and migrants who were rescued en route by aid organizations and then made it ashore.

The influx of immigrants was particularly large in March, compared to previous years:

Due to the increasing numbers of migrants, the government in Rome declared a state of emergency last night. 5 million euros will be immediately released from the National Emergency Fund “for urgent measures”. According to the government, which speaks of an “exceptional increase in the number of immigrants”, this money should be used, among other things, to create new reception places.

It is also important that the “hot spot” of Lampedusa be eliminated in the short term press release of the Italian Cabinet. Most immigrants arrive on European soil through that small Italian island located between Sicily and Tunisia. Lampedusa currently hosts 1,800 immigrants, while the area has capacity for 400 people. Hundreds of migrants are taken by ferry to reception centers in Sicily, among other regions.

According to Interior Minister Bentedosi, the state of emergency, which will last six months, will not solve the migrant problem structurally. He adds that the European Union must take action for this.

The largest number of immigrants to Italy this year come from West African countries such as Ivory Coast and Guinea. This appears to be followed by Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tunisia Preparation Italian Ministry of the Interior.

Last year, most of the people who crossed came from Libya and Tunisia. The migration route from Africa across the Mediterranean is dangerous. Often the boats are barely seaworthy and overcrowded. The Italian Coast Guard regularly sails to rescue and drown the people on board.

Italian Prime Minister Meloni has been trying to reduce the number of immigrants since taking office. At the beginning of this year, for example, it introduced a law that would make it more difficult for aid organizations to rescue migrants from the sea. 10 to 15 percent of the total number of migrants arriving in Italy arrives in the country after these relief efforts.

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