Analysts: Apple Won’t Put Capacitive Buttons On iPhone 15 Pro After All – Tablets & Phones – News

iPhones are already absurdly waterproof, and you can still alert your warranty if your device has been submerged in water and they can see through it.

Behind all this is another agenda at Apple, which isn’t quite an idea (except for speculation) but I suspect they make an iPhone without barriers due to waterproofing, rather than making more money out of it (because more proprietary accessories and more power in what is or isn’t maybe)

There are more reasons why iPhones still use lightning with USB 2.0 at all, while Macbooks and iPads have long been USB-C powered.

I think my iPhone is a great device, but any iPhone without a port would be cause for me to switch, I use cable a lot.

Unless Apple suddenly turns the whole file management upside down so you have more freedom there, but given their hard push into iCloud I don’t see them doing that, locking more is what I’d expect.

And don’t even get me started on charging, Lightning (soon to be USB-C) and Magsafe work great in tandem, forcing the regular cable down for a magnetic disk with a cable, much like the “Apple way”, they do it because they can And because Apple could get away with something like that.

By the way, the speakers and microphones should also go, as these are additional holes that do not help with waterproofing.

Apple has always followed its own path, but in recent years its focus on maximizing profits seems to have gone too far.

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