Angela de Jong spoke on the sixth about remarks about Rob Kemps

Angela de Jong spoke on the sixth about remarks about Rob Kemps

In her column last week, Angela wrote that Rob “was once a sympathetic party singer.” But since he’s got a contract with SBS, she says, he’s “so infatuated with fame that not only does he feel like a major interviewer, but he also puts his girlfriend and young children aside.”

Wilfred seems to find those words very spicy. in indoors today He asks Angela if it is necessary to make a “value judgment” about being away from his wife. “No, it fits my argument with the reality of celebrities walking by in their shoes,” says Angela. When Wilfred says it is a private matter, Angela agrees. “It’s not necessary. I totally agree.”

Then Wilfred cites a column written by Marcel van Roosmalen, in which he writes that Angela interferes a lot with others. “No, yes, that’s what he must be thinking, but you’re going to accuse me of going too far?” Angela says at the table with Wilfred, Johan Dirksen and RenĂ© van der Gyp. Wilfred can only say that there are no limits in his own program. “That’s why,” concludes Angela.

Last week it was announced that Rob and his girlfriend are separating. You can learn more about the break in the video below.

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