Scout tip: BBB and VVD in alliance with PvdA and GroenLinks

Verkenner Sacha Ausems presenteert haar rapport (foto: Rick Lemmens)

BBB and VVD should be part of the new Brabant alliance. PvdA and GroenLinks are logical partners. Local Brabant could then complete this alliance. That’s what scout Sasha Ausmes said Wednesday night when delivering her report. “The puzzle must be proportional to the content, but also to cooperate if you are to form a stable coalition.”

Ausems presented its findings to the new regional council in the county council in Den Bosch. A second possibility for a coalition could be BBB, VVD, SP, Local Brabant, supplemented by a fifth party, but additional talks are needed to see if this is an option.

hard files
Nature, nitrogen and agricultural transformation are some of the thorniest issues. That is why it is remarkable at least to propose a combination of BBB and GroenLinks. According to John Frenken, leader of the BBB, they really could get somewhere. “The goal is the same, there is only a difference.”

Curiously, CDA is not invited to the configuration table. According to Ausems, there are doubts about whether the party can be a reliable partner. The reason for this is the variable path of the CDA.

farmers’ concerns
Party Leader Runes was already feeling wet. “I’ve heard something about it in the hallways. But it’s good.” In the discussions, other parties also indicated that farmers’ interests are well represented by the BBB.

The JA21 is also likely to fall by the wayside. Willem Rutgens has serious doubts about this suggestion. “There is no coalition agreement yet. I think this combination of parties will ensure that in the end it will cost the people of Brabant a lot of money one way or another.”

PVV’s Alexander van Hatem questions whether voters should be happy about this. “This way we will continue down the path we have taken. This is not exactly what the voters wanted. I am very curious how these parties should find each other in terms of politics.”

large majority
Osmus said that the preference is for a coalition with a large majority of seats. This is to prevent the coalition from losing its majority to the separatists. The experience of the Forum for Democracy, which collapsed and thus killed cooperation with the VVD, CDA and Local Brabant, plays a role in realizing this desire. BBB, VVD, GroenLinks, PvdA and Local Brabant together have 31 seats.

The Brabant District Council is highly fragmented: no fewer than 15 parties jointly divide the 55 seats. It is now up to the coordinator to get a coalition out of this soup.

Already the morning after the election, BBB leader John Frenken had put a tough breaking point on the table: The deadline for barn adjustments had to be scrapped. Farmers now have to make their stables low emission before July 1, 2024. It should become clear how the BBB, VVD and left parties will find each other in this coming period.

Peter Verhoeven, Mayor of Gouda will be the supervisor. He starts his mission at 10 am on Friday. John Frenken (BBB) ​​then greets him and explains what is expected of him.

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