Janice responds to Donnie’s breakup rumors

Janice responds to Donnie's breakup rumors

There are some rumors about the relationship between Donny Roelvink and Janis Block. For example, the couple had an argument and currently no longer live together. Do you relationship over and over again? Janice herself responds…

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What is going on?

Many have already noticed that something is going on between Donnie and Janice. They haven’t been seen together lately, and Donnie recently posted on his Instagram Stories that his mom is doing laundry for him.

The big question immediately became: What is going on between the spouses? According to Juice Channel Showbiz channel must do With a video posted by Janice on TikTok. But according to Janice, this is not true at all. To FawryNotSawry, Janice decides to tell her how things are going between her and Donnie.

can laugh at it

“I’m totally amazed. It’s really the first time we’ve shared our gossip about ourselves,” Janice said via an audio message posted by FawryNotSawry on his Instagram Stories.

However, Janice is not bothered by rumors. “I can laugh about it. We’re just together, we live together, so we don’t have to worry.” On her Instagram stories, she then posted a pretty picture with Donnie for the first time in a long time.

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