Silence of the Benny Golink statue: ‘Silence is better’

Het beeld van Bennie Jolink in Hummelo.

© Omrup Gelderland

This is what Normal in Hummelo looks like on Sunday evening.
© Omrup Gelderland

HUMMELO – “What one does not understand, it is better to be silent.” A statue of singer Benny Golink was found in Hummelo on Sunday afternoon with this text on a piece of tape. This was glued to the mouth of the Achterhoeker.

It’s not entirely clear why the 75-year-old Golink is being looked after in this way. It actually coincides with the weekend that the head of the Normal team received a lot of criticism after a message on Facebook.

In it, Achterhoeker wrote that anyone who doesn’t want an aura strike should be called an “Asocial Retarded Wappie” or an “AAWer” from now on. “A little bit of clarity in these times is desirable, I think,” he added.

“In Germany, Belgium and France, you name it, nobody has a problem proving that you have been vaccinated or tested. So the one who complains about it is: AAWer!!” , says Band Leader Normal. .

Many people reacted angrily to this message, which Golink posted on his Facebook in his personal capacity. Content: People think Achterhoeker is going too far.

Where did it go wrong, Penny?

“Where did it go wrong, Benny? For many, and for me also as a Hino farmer, you are the figurehead who stood up for the dignity of a minority in our country. Peasants. Peasants. You really returned their pride to so many peasants. Why would you choose to mock a minority of your age?” Frank Rosink wrote.

Another reaction came from Monique: “Sad this statement from you Penny Golinc…and yes I’ve been vaccinated just like you and carry the QR code with me but that doesn’t give me and you the right to anyone with a different’s put away as an antisocial wappie!” He who cannot show respect to another does not deserve any respect himself.”

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