Xiaomi wants to ban the extraction of .apk files on Android and Google refuses to do so – tablets and phones – News

The Xiaomi developer has sent a patch to the Android Open Source Project that aims to prevent users from extracting installed applications in the form of an .apk file. Google official AOSP will not agree.

Xiaomi Guowei Du employee suggested they change In the Android source code with the comment: “.apk files can contain confidential data, so we should not allow others to do so hustle. “Google developers argue that the contents of the .apk file should not be expected to remain secret and that those who really want to extract the .apk file should not be expected to remain secret. userdebugAndroid build to get it. Moreover, there are a lot of websites where apk files can be downloaded.

Another Google employee adds that any secrets can be encrypted in the .apk file and whether an app has been paid for can be checked via other methods, such as checking Google Play Services, so anti-piracy doesn’t sound like an argument either. In general, it seems that the developers of Google do not agree with the ends nor the means.

The .apk file allows the installation of applications on Android systems. It is similar to the exe installer. or msi file. in Windows.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman The story is suspended around the clock† He adds that he is “glad that Google did not provide this patch” and “hopes that Xiaomi does not either.” The implication there is that Xiaomi can apparently offer this blockade independently on its own devices. To check, Tweakers asked Rahman if that was really the case.

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It does not appear to be the first time that Xiaomi has engaged in these practices. This year also has a so-called pure fashion It was introduced in MIUI 13, the company’s Android shell. This prevents side loadingbut it can be turned off.

Another example of this practice is Samsung and OnePlus restricting access to cameras in Unlock the bootloader and the Use Third team camera apps† Concerned manufacturers later lifted these barriers.

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