Can miss weeks after nazim kadri injury

Can miss weeks after nazim kadri injury

Another controversial play by Nazim Qadri from an avalanche could force Blues goalkeeper Jordan Bennington to miss out on the rest of the second-round streak between the two teams.

Bennington appears to hold Qadri responsible for throwing a water bottle at Qadri while the striker gave a post-match interview on TNT.

Binnington left Match 3 on Saturday less than seven minutes into the first half after Kadri tossed the ball over Binnington while battling Blues defender Kaley Rosen for a loose disc in front of a crease. Never been to Binnington Avalanche won 5-2 To take the lead 2-1. to me the athleteBennington has a sprained knee that could keep him injured for “several weeks”.

Kadri, 34, was suspended for eight first-round series matches last year against the Blues for an illegal head check of Justin Falk. While with the Maple Leafs, my destiny was held up during the first round of both the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

“Look at Kadri’s reputation,” Blues coach Craig Behrop told reporters after Saturday’s game.

Nazim Qadri of Avalanche collided with Blues goalkeeper Jordan Bennington during the first half on Saturday.
Nazim Qadri of Avalanche collided with Blues goalkeeper Jordan Bennington during the first half on Saturday.
NHLI via Getty Images

Avalanche coach Jared Bednar said Qadri’s reputation “means nothing” and it’s a “legal play”.

Bennington, who led the Blues to their first Stanley Cup franchise three years ago as a rookie, wasn’t a St. Louis start when the playoffs began, but he took the job back from Phil Hosseau in Game 4 of the first round, earning his first playoff win since winning the cup in 2019.

While Qadri was discussing the play on the TNT postgame, he paused at one point and did a double-action to his left. “I’m not sure if he threw a water bottle at me or not,” Kadri said of Bennington. Later during his press conference, Qadri reiterated that he believed Bennington threw the bottle at him, and The Athletic newspaper reported It was actually Bennington.

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Qadri blamed Rosen for his collision with Bennington.

“I just see a loose puck disk,” he said. “I was kind of sitting behind him and I just tried to pick her up with a stick. And I think their defending guy bumped into me and pushed me into him. So, you know, if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think I would have hit him at all. She’s a loose puck. I’m just trying to give it a try.” “.

The Blues will even attempt the series Monday night in Game 4.

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