It was reported that Fletcher Cox was released by the Eagles after the June 1 was set

It was reported that Fletcher Cox was released by the Eagles after the June 1 was set

Lots of trade rumors Fletcher Cox.

The Philadelphia Eagles Instead of that release six times Pro Bowl Defensive intervention with a setting beyond June 1, according to the NFL Network.

The note about Cox’s possible return (on a new deal) is intriguing and bears watch. But, as a free agent, Cox is now available to sign with any team in the NFL. Thus, his return is not necessarily guaranteed.

We wrote the following about Cox’s look in advance this month:

Review: entering the 2021 season, There were arguments among the Eagles for trading Cox. Despite this, Howie Roseman doubled down on the veteran defender by ill-advised restructuring his contract to create more space in the short term. Cox got off to a slow start last year while publicly saying he wasn’t entirely happy with his role in Jonathan Gannon’s defence. there was Talk of Eagles ‘shopping hard’ Cox ahead of last year’s NFL trade deadline But the restructuring has left Philly stuck in his contract. Cox had some good moments in 2021 but he wasn’t an old version of himself. He eventually posted the second lowest sack total of his career and missed making Pro Bowl For the first time since 2014.

prospects: The mechanics of the Eagles moving from Cox out of season isn’t exactly simple. I mean, it took 25 min 34 sec video from Over The Cap To explain how eagles’ trading or cutting can affect the position of an elephant’s hat. the Eagles Act They have ways of getting it moving but the guesswork here is that the birds end up sticking with the Cox because they wouldn’t receive a tempting commercial offer that would justify a high number of dead numbers. In theory, Cox would still have to keep some of the remaining gas in the tank to enter a 32-year-old season. But, as we point out here at BGN, there a lot from wear and tear on his body. Keep in mind that Cox has scored 2,037 career shots more than Brandon Graham, who is two years older than Cox and entered the NFL two seasons ago. Cox is hardly a homeless at this point, but he’s not the influential player the Eagles pay to be. He has scored just 4.5 sacks in his last 22 games despite being the eighth highest-paid indoor defender in the NFL. Not perfect.

You see, the live release wasn’t a scenario that we or anyone else realistically envisioned.

Assuming Cox no Going back, well, that’s a very important development. He has clearly been a good and influential player for most of his career with the Eagles. He was the best player on the team Energy– 2017 winners list It would be strange to see him go after he’s been such a mainstay since the No. 12 Eagles picked him up in 2012 NFL Project.

Cox’s departure will certainly underline the need to add more in-house defensive talent. The Eagles could reasonably enter the 2022 season with Javon Hargrave and Milton Williams as a starter. The former is out of the Pro Bowl season while the latter Show some encouraging potential as a beginner. The depth behind these guys, though? There are no incredibly inspiring options out there…unless you’re irrationally ahead of Marlon Tuipulotu, Marvin Wilson, and/or Renell Wren.

Getting Cox back to a more manageable contract might be nice, but it doesn’t undo some of the damage already done to the Eagles’ salary cap.

Update: Regarding the ramifications of the mentioned salary cap, here’s an explanation from over the cover.

For now, Cox’s 2022 salary cap fee will remain the same as if it were on the list. I think the number is $14,946,820. On June 2, the only maximum salary fee charged by the Eagles will remain the pro-rata portion of Cox’s salary. I’m not 100% sure what it will be like. It would be either $12,826,820 or $9,641,409. Divergence is the relative proportion of an option that is not exercised. I can never say how the NFL will deal with this. In many cases, the credit usually comes the following year, but this may be more distinct with June 1. In any case, if this is the larger number, they will receive a maximum credit of $3,185,411 in 2023.

For 2023, dead money should now be $1,5359,292. The reason this is much lower than what is shown in the OTC is because the option is not exercised and we are in a different league year than it was when the player was cut. So all that acceleration attributed to the bonus should now be gone.


Do you agree with Eagles’ decision to release Fletcher Cox?

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