In “Show news” you can see how strong the De Mol . family is

In "Show news" you can see how strong the De Mol . family is

Will You Finally See a Piece on Free Friday Evening Holland sound, it appears at the moment that finale episode It was. I was amazed by a new element of the talent show, the so-called block button. By pressing it, one coach can “block” another coach when a candidate appears; The singer can no longer choose the square trainer as a companion. Exciting to the viewer, but a shame for the tense candidate who dreams of being guided by, say, Anouk, but sees his glasses smashed strictly and Waylon for example.

It seems that Saturday morning there were more ban buttons in the country Holland sound. RTL also has one: Broadcast suspended Because of the allegations of abuse of power and sexually abusing behavior that BNNVARA BOOS has requested to be refuted. at that time prevented Band leader Jeroen Rittbergen, as well as Linda de Mol’s husband, and thus John de Mol’s son-in-law: admitted the misconduct and resigned. Subsequently, it turned out that coach Ali B.

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On Sunday, two sponsors pressed the ban button, after which Anuk gave a huge ram to her. The singer doesn’t want to do anything more with the ‘plebs’: “It’s just a rotten gang. I don’t want to work in a place where a number of men have abused their positions for years and where they have deliberately chosen to keep calm and look the other way.”

We haven’t seen an explosion this close to the heart of the Boulder Show business since, last month, a sexual assault complaint was filed against singer Marco Borsato. Then it was gossip show Show news (SBS6) lamented the misplaced broadcast of the Goois Victim Blame Open Championship.

It wasn’t that bad this time. Ronald Molendyk was accurately reported to have been a good friend of the outgoing band leader, after which Molendyk said Rittbergen was just a ‘flirting’, but told him he hadn’t broken the law. You can see how strong the De Mol family is from the emphasis with which the words “show” and “supposedly” were uttered at the Shownieuws table.

Today’s top news

Victims of the “corrupt gang” were briefly mentioned by criminal attorney Natasha Harlequin (who “turned her heart down to Linda de Mol, she said), who gave a short lecture on the legal side of the case and not just the legal one. Patti Braard frankly wondered if a power relationship really existed between the squad leader and the candidate. The answer is yes, as previously explained clearly in NOS . News On Saturday, that scandal in the sound Also found the most important news of the day.

Next evening Transformation RTL Boulevard On the question of how to deal with the issue on Monday on talk shows HLF8 Son of John Johnny de Mol and Sixth day – Also broadcast on SBS6. Reporter Rob Goossens actually recommended popcorn, but I can imagine not all victims immediately run to the store.

Show news by Sunday not yet come. In it, Albert Verlind was adamant about what was done to the “Girls in the Snake Hole.” But he then stated that a search should be conducted into all of SBS’s rival RTL programs and made presenter Humberto Tan a suspect. For him, the editor-in-chief of PrivĂ© complained of having “a few facts”, a circumstance that his magazine usually manages to bravely confront. This proved to be the case as well, because, despite the lack of facts, Ali B. allegedly was “the worst”. It’s time for the block button on the remote control.

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