Peter Los feared he would be homeless

Peter Los feared he would be homeless

As Eddie Finstra on the hit series Friends for Life, Peter Lusse gained eternal fame in the 1990s. But you can’t live on eternal fame, the actor auditioned in the ensuing years. After the series was discontinued, Peter took several acting jobs and presented the comedy show RTL Lekker Lang Lusse, until a metabolic disorder started playing out on him. One of the deepest consequences of Peter’s condition was the loss of his income. I lived off my savings account. However, when the bottom of it was in sight, my situation became horrible. I lay awake at night to see if I could still pay the rent. I succeeded every time, and when my situation improved a little, the Corona crisis began…”

housing shortage

In 2017, Peter moved to a rented house in Den Dolder on the basis of vacancy management, where the actor was allowed to live for six months. In the end I was allowed to stay there for five years, but now I have to leave. I have to hand over my key on October 3rd. Since Peter could not find a new home, he filed an appeal on his Instagram page. β€œThe housing shortage is really appalling, I have experienced it myself. But now I come to a house in Austerlitz in the municipality of Zeist through my network. Although it is only temporary – I can live there for a year – I feel good. In a year, he wants Owner to have the house at his disposal again. I just pay the rent, and at the same time I am quietly looking for a structural house. Although Peter is in a relationship, living together was not an option. My girlfriend lives far away, near Nijmegen, and stays there because The growth of her children. We had been slack for nine years. Moving with her was not an option.

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