The House of Representatives reports a leak, but remains silent about Arib’s departure

The House of Representatives reports a leak, but remains silent about Arib's departure


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The Presidency of the Republic, the Executive Committee of the House of Representatives, will report the leak of confidential information in the case of the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Khadija Arib. Her spokeswoman said the current president, Vera Bergkamp, ​​will go to the police tomorrow.

Last Wednesday, it was leaked that the presidency, led by Bergkamp, ​​is conducting an outside investigation into Aribe’s actions during her tenure as president. The reason was complaints about infringing behavior by the PvdA member.

Arib knew nothing of it and described it as a stab in the back by Bergkamp. Because she also feels insufficiently supported by her own party, she decided to resign from the House last night. She feels unfairly treated and believes that the Presidency has absolutely no right to investigate a sitting Member of Parliament.

Reply by tomorrow

Yesterday evening, Bergkamp’s spokesman announced that the presidency would comment on the situation and Arib’s departure today. Now the spokesperson says that response will be sent to the House of Representatives tomorrow at the latest.

Last week, several MPs urged Bergkamp to report the leak. Then the Speaker of the House said that she would take this proposal into account in the presidency.

Foreign Minister Vilbev (Meining) said this morning in WNL Sunday He is troubled by the “terrible leakage disease”. He described the situation around Arib as bad for the political standing. “We can be brief about that.”

Such a criminal investigation yields almost nothing, and the leak was never found. Journalists are allowed to protect their sources and in fact always do. This is because they can only do their job if they can talk to sources confidentially.

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