Soon you’ll be able to buy purple tomatoes in the US (because they’re healthier).

Soon you'll be able to buy purple tomatoes in the US (because they're healthier).

The purple tomato was developed by a team of British and American scientists and is one step away from being sold in American supermarkets and local greengrocers. Purple tomato is genetically modified, that is, the DNA, genetic code, has been altered by humans to give the organism (a plant, fungus, bacteria, animal) different, modified or new characteristics.

Lots of antioxidants

Purple tomatoes have the same aroma and flavor as red tomatoes, but aside from the color, another big difference is that purple tomatoes have more antioxidants than the familiar red tomatoes. They come from purple pigments, which are also found in blueberries, blackberries, and eggplants.

Promising studies

Before purple tomatoes hit the market, many studies were done. “The studies yielded impressive results. For example, mice with a higher risk of cancer after eating purple tomatoes lived about 30 percent longer than cancer-prone mice that ate normal red tomatoes,” said study leader Cathy Martin. CNN.

It is not known when purple tomatoes will be sold in Europe.

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