Hey, you’ll only eat 250 calories a day

Hey, you'll only eat 250 calories a day

When broadcaster Jurre Geluk asked Gayle what was bothering her, she made a full list. †My mind is blown!To this, what the 22-year-old suffers from every day is her joint dislocation, Gauri replies, “The first always hurts a lot, but in the times after that it’s not so bad.”

Gail wears supports around her knees and neck to keep her joints in place. She also has special shoes and rings on her toes to make sure they don’t slip. Plus, she can’t stand for long either. “Then my dysphonia appears. This increases the chance of fainting inside me.”

Also, Yael’s stomach is not working properly. “So I eat through a tube in my stomach. That’s how I get the nutrients,” she says. This means that she is no longer able to drink and eat on her own. “And it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at the moment.”

Gayle eats very small amounts to stimulate her stomach and get used to the taste. “Sometimes I drink a cappuccino or have ice cream in the morning.” In general, the Yael eats only 250 calories per day.

Surprisingly, cooking is Yael’s biggest hobby. “Sometimes it’s weird, because I can’t always taste what I’m making. Then I either have to do it by feeling or there has to be someone who can taste it.”

Although there was a lot going on with Yael, it wasn’t immediately clear to her. This leads to her feeling misunderstood. Some have even referred to her as a “grumbler.” “That’s how I felt at first, because people say I always have something. Then I stopped saying it.”

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