Ukraine wants to organize the 2023 Song Contest, calls for new talks now

Ukraine wants to organize the 2023 Song Contest, calls for new talks now

Ukrainian broadcaster UA: PBC is not at all happy to announce that it will be next year The Eurovision Song Contest is not allowed† European Broadcasting Union (EBU) mass regulator does not believe it is safe enough due to the war. Ukraine sees opportunities and demands new negotiations.

According to the radio, the European Broadcasting Union made the decision “without discussion”. “We are convinced that we have every reason to continue negotiations in order to reach a common solution that satisfies all parties. We won the Eurovision Song Contest fairly and fulfilled all the conditions within the deadlines,” continues the broadcaster.

“We have provided answers and assurances about safety standards and potential venues for this event.” Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko, presenter Chernotsky Mykola, former winner Ruslana (2004) and first player of the Kalush Orchestra Ole Psyuk (2022) signed the UA:PBC statement.

Song Festival in Ukraine is a strong signal

UA: PBC believes the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine is a “strong signal” to the world in light of the war. “We are calling for this decision to be changed because we believe we can meet all the commitments, as we have shown time and time again to the European Broadcasting Union.”

The European Broadcasting Union announced on Friday afternoon that the 2023 Song Contest cannot be held in Ukraine. Instead, the European Broadcasting Corporation has started talks with the BBC. The United Kingdom ranked second last month.

Last week, UA:PBC provided several updates on developments surrounding the organization. For example, Tkachenko said that three different regions are being considered and can meet all of the EBU’s obligations. “We have provided detailed answers to security questions and other regulatory nuances and have proposed different sites,” the minister said. “We understand that under the current circumstances we face the challenge of hosting Eurovision in Ukraine. But we have risen to that challenge and I am sure we will surprise everyone.”

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