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The Belgian Institute of Postal and Telecommunication Services has announced minimum monthly data volumes for postal service providers fair use policies And use “unlimited” packages. With a mobile phone, that’s 300 GB per month, with 3 TB fixed.

Institute Says with the new guidelines You want to clarify the concept of “unlimited browsing”. Subscribers to “Unlimited Mobile Internet” in particular will quickly reach the limits of FUPs, after which the Internet speed will decrease. Although BIPT understands that FUPs are necessary to ensure network quality, the regulator believes that providers can only invoke an unlimited subscription if the “vast majority of customers” can use the subscription without a speed limit.

With fixed internet, the fup is now between 500GB and 3TB, depending on the provider. Less than two percent of customers will bypass a fixed internet server. With mobile plans, where fups apply between 20 GB and 40 GB, more than ten percent of all customers will skip Fup.

BIPT is now setting guidelines to reduce these bypasses, mainly due to bypassing these mobile devices. For fixed internet the fup is set to 3 TB and for mobile internet it is set to 300 GB. That 3 TB would be in line with what most providers use now. It is not clear how the institute got its 300 GB. we will BIPT . says Keep this in mind as the growth in the mobile segment increases and “a very small number of customers” exceeds this. In addition, the mobile Internet market is said to be “still in full development”, which means that “the number of relevant observations is very limited.”

BIPT also says that when bypassing fup, internet access may not be blocked if there is “unlimited” internet. Service providers are also not allowed to charge customers extra costs, but slowdowns are allowed. Fixed and mobile service providers have six months to turn the guidelines into policy. BIPT also says that the stated values ​​for 300 GB and 3 TB can be increased if it turns out to be necessary.

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