Here’s Why Buddy Vedder Can’t Be Seen in The Masked Singer New Year’s Eve Special

She looks stunned from the first withdrawal from The Masked Singer

RTL Boulevard was able to announce earlier that Francis van Bruckhuijsen will be standing up for him tonight, but many of his fans are still wondering exactly why. Simple, let Buddy know via Instagram: When the special was taped, he already had tapings of another show. “I’m not going to tell you which show it was, although you might have gotten the hint,” he jokes with a picture with Jamai Loman and a slogan The Voice Kids.

The show is split into two evenings this year: On New Year’s Eve, six characters will debut, two of which will come out and be revealed on the same evening. A new character also appears. On New Year’s Day, the wonderful finale and the unveiling of the last four characters can be seen.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, like the last season of masked singer It was very well looked after. The formula for success is back for a new season, panelist Loretta Shriver said recently Aran on tour. “I’ve been called in for that. So there will also be a new season. Oh, I can’t say that yet!” she spoke. “I don’t know how these laws work!”

Watch the full video here.

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