Estelle Cruyff hates wrinkles: “Not in the sheets, not in the face.”

Estelle Cruyff hates wrinkles: “Not in the sheets, not in the face.”

Estelle makes no secret of the fact that her home should look and smell perfect. The socialite says she starts her day every day by throwing her pillowcases into the washing machine. She also tightens things up in the living room before bed. “I don’t like wrinkles,” says Estelle. “Not on the sheets, not on my face.”

By the latter, she means that she is not averse to Botox and fillers. An injection here and there is not taboo for her. “If it makes me feel better about myself and makes me more confident and happy, then that’s my choice,” she said in a previous interview. woman.

Visitors were also considered. This way, guests don’t come without taking off their shoes, otherwise the hotel would provide them with slippers. A warm welcome to visitors, because there is also underfloor heating.

If there’s one thing cleaning freaks hate, it’s circles on the counter. Estelle has thought of everything. She hides a cloth behind the plant for dinner. “Helpful when someone is doing a circle on the table,” she says.

However, her offspring seem to have been well raised. For example, Estelle gives the example that her son immediately calls her out if he “spills sauce on the couch.” My mom knows what to do with this. “Don’t rub, just pat.”

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