Starfield’s ‘Lead Quest Designer’ Leaves Bethesda to Work on Wyrdsong – Games – News

Formerly Will Sheen Design Manager And Master quest designer At Bethesda Softworks, I moved to Something Wicked Games. The studio, founded by former Bethesda and Obsidian employees, is working on the open-world RPG Wyrdsong.

Shane has been associated with Bethesda for over fifteen years and has worked on Fallout 3, Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor, and Starfield, among others. Moreover He says on LinkedIn To be responsible for the opening of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. he Found in something evil of the games Lead content designer.

Something Wicked Games was founded by Jeff Gardiner, who worked at Bethesda for sixteen years and was a high-profile producer, and Charles Staples, of Obsidians, among others. Lead designer. Something Wicked announced its first game, Wyrdsong, last year. Set in a fantasy version of medieval Portugal, this open-world RPG revolves around the “nature of reality.”

In an interview with Game Developer, Shin said that he will serve as the bridge between a novel The design difference is from something evil. A release date for Wyrdsong has not yet been announced. Sheen isn’t the first high-ranking Bethesda employee to leave the company this week; He went earlier Head of publishing Pete Hines retired.

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