Health care workers lost money due to bankruptcy: I feel robbed

Health care workers lost money due to bankruptcy: I feel robbed

“I feel like I’ve been robbed,” Muhammedović’s talent says. She is one of the victims. Mehmedović worked for thousands of euros at the Cordan nursing home in Amsterdam, but never received the money. The nursing home paid its hours to brokerage platform Dytter, but Dytter never transferred the money.

Just before the end of the week, Mehmedovich received an e-mail about Dieter’s bankruptcy. “I didn’t sleep the first night,” she says. It is difficult to contact her, because the Internet in the house is now turned off. She can no longer pay that bill.

thousands of euros

Healthcare broker Dytter was declared bankrupt by the court in Utrecht last week, a spokesperson for RTL News confirmed today. Over fifteen scammed freelancers reported it to our research editors after a previous publication. They talk about arrears from 1,000 to 30,000 euros.

Dytter booking platform

Dytter calls itself the healthcare booking platform. Self-employed persons and welfare organizations can register to fill out their lists. Their site states: “With our simple app, you can work anywhere and anytime you want in different healthcare organizations (…). Log in, search and get started. It’s that simple.”

Dytter reports that more than 4,400 self-employed people and dozens of healthcare organizations are connected.

A self-employed woman with home and nursing care told RTL News that she could no longer afford her own wedding. She just wants to tell her story anonymously. Dieter’s bankruptcy causes her great financial problems. “I’m getting married next month and I really need the money to pay all the bills.” It’s about 9,000 euros.

About 100 of the self-employed have not been paid or paid very little in recent weeks and months. Dytter’s director, Andre Piso, previously confirmed this to RTL Nieuws. There may be more victims.

Mehmedovich had already sounded the alarm two weeks ago because Dieter’s arrears were increasing. Hoping Dytter would continue to push, I contacted and emailed the platform, but received no answers to her questions. Mehmedović then left Dieter and went to work elsewhere, but a number of self-employed people kept hoping, she says: “Some employees kept getting small amounts of money and were hoping not to make a better judgment that they would still get paid for everything.” Another day. “.

to threaten

Tensions are rising. “Those involved with Dytter and their loved ones are intimidated and even threatened,” reads a letter to the curator’s duped freelancers, seen by RTL Nieuws. “Such work is deeply disturbing and unacceptable,” the curator wrote.

The victims have already reported it to the trustee as a creditor. It remains to be seen if they will get their money back, but “every little bit helps,” says Mehmedovich.

Dytter himself was not answered today, and emails from RTL News also remain unanswered for the time being. Court ruling documents will be published in about four weeks.

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