Dutchman receives 100,000 emails from US military due to typo

Dutchman receives 100,000 emails from US military due to typo

Zuurbier received thousands of emails Incidentallywrites The Financial Times. He is the owner of the Malian domain code .ml, which is very similar to the .mil ending used by the US military.

Zuurbier has been in the news recently because he also owns Financial News Radio, which won a lot in the FM spectrum auction. He is the founder of various country domain codes that allow people to apply and register their own domain names, including .tk. From the island of Tokelau Thus Mali’s .ml.

Most of the emails Zuurbier received from the U.S. military did not contain classified information, but occasionally he received sensitive documents. This includes, for example, travel data of high-ranking officials, passport numbers, details of weapons production, passwords and tax returns. Zuurbier received over 1000 emails last Wednesday alone.

It has been going on for ten years

Zuurbier discovered the problem nearly a decade ago and contacted the US government several times to raise it. According to Internet entrepreneurs, this is a serious risk that could be exploited by America’s adversaries. In Washington, according to The Financial Times, no warnings appear to have been issued.

Zuurbier’s contract for the domain code expires today, meaning the government in Mali will regain control of .ml. Mali has strong ties with Russia. For example, the Wagner Group has supported Govt.

According to US military experts, access to such a country’s sensitive military information would be a major problem.

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