HBO Max Streaming Service Startup Problems: This Is How You Ensure Your Account Isn’t Broken Right Now | my guide

HBO Max Streaming Service Startup Problems: This Is How You Ensure Your Account Isn't Broken Right Now |  my guide

The streaming service HBO Max, which launched this week in the Netherlands, has had problems starting up, leading to a number of new user accounts being suspended immediately upon payment. The company behind the app says it is working on a solution.

The new HBO Max offers a range of movies and series from the American pay channel HBO, Cartoon Network and the movie company Warner Bros.. The service competes with the already established system of broadcasting companies, including Netflix, Videoland and Disney +.

The start of the new service did not go smoothly on Tuesday: complaints appeared on social media from new users, whose accounts were immediately disabled after signing up after transferring funds to the application.

‘Sorry for the inconvenience’

broadcast service acknowledge The problems are now on his Twitter account. “Unfortunately, some customers who got their HBO Max subscription with iDeal are currently experiencing streaming issues,” one employee wrote. “Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.”

Affected customers are urged to contact customer service to operate their account. It’s unclear how long it will take to help all the victims: some say they can still access HBO Max after a few hours, while others are still unable to stream anything after a day.

The problems come at an unlucky time for HBO Max: The streaming service offers a 50 percent discount in its first month, prompting many users to quickly sign up for an account.

This is how you prevent your account from being locked

Account issues on HBO Max are caused by issues with the iDeal payment platform. If you want to prevent his account from being locked after paying the money, it is best to try an alternative payment method, such as Paypal. This is a solution only for those who are now trying to create an account: after all, the current victims have already transferred money via iDeal.

If you still want to use iDeal for your new account, HBO Max advises you to proceed carefully. “Then make sure that you have completed all the steps of the payment process, and do not close the process until you confirm your payment in full by clicking the last button in the payment process,” the company wrote on social media.

Videos played very fast

HBO Max is under fire at the same time for Videos play very fast with Dutch users. Many older movies and series are shot at 24 frames per second, but run at 25 frames per second on HBO.

This means programs are played about four percent faster, so characters move and speak faster. This will be especially noticeable with music that appears to be played in a hurry.

At the end of last year, the NPO made a similar mistake by playing Adele’s concert faster, which suddenly made her seem like she’s singing faster and louder.

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