Sony suspends PlayStation sales in Russia – Games – News

I have to say something about that now, because this is starting to get ridiculous.

I have a Russian girlfriend and over the years I have learned to speak a good sample of Russian. For example, I’m in a unique situation where I get the story from both sides with no commentary in between.

There is already a fair amount of misinformation from the Kremlin, and I can’t deny it. Often it is aimed at preparing people for war with Ukraine. The Russian people perceive the Ukrainians as their brothers, so any war will never pass. I don’t want to say anything about the motives of Putin and his comrades because this is a political discussion for another platform.

Good thing that said, here in the West we can’t hear everything by any means, nor do we get the whole truth. This is really something that bothers me. Like this, the myriad company that comes with an ad. It is now fashionable to be against Russia, or at least frame it as such.

The fact is that it has become impossible for these companies to do business in Russia. Due to the obstruction of the banking system, funds can no longer be reliably transferred. You can import goods, but you will not get the money unless you fly up and down with a bag of money, which the authorities of any country will not accept. Besides, the ruble has fallen a lot, so you can import something today and get rubles for it, but tomorrow the value of this ruble will only be half. So a big risk.

Then I think to myself, just tell the truth. Instead of making it a PR campaign about the suffering of millions of people, just say we have to stop supplying Russia because of the financial sanctions now in place. Been completed! And then it also becomes clear what the exact consequences of this SWIFT ban will be. It does not mean that you just hit the banks or the rich / elite with such a measure, you can settle an entire country with such a measure and Ivan the pet will definitely be affected by it.

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