February 3, 2023

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Google won’t ask for a new file system on Android 13 after all – Tablets and Phones – News

Google has chosen not to require the improved read-only file system, erofs, for new phones running Android 13. Ext4 and f2fs will continue to be used, according to a new commitment.

Google has relaxed the requirements for the file system used, So she says herself† It is unclear why Google would do this. Who found the commitment? Mishaal Rahman EsberHe also says he does not know why the company suddenly changed requirements after months of preparation.

Required Out last week† By using erofs, manufacturers can free up space on read-only partitions of phone firmware. With some devices, this saves up to 800MB. It will also make the program run faster. It is not known what the disadvantages of using erofs are. There is a possibility that using erofs will put more stress on the processor and therefore require more battery, but there are no numbers on that.

Google has not responded to this issue. The requirements for Android 13 are still changing, as the operating system is in beta. This was intended as erofs to be mandatory for phones that come with Android 13. Huawei developed erofs a few years ago. OPPO and Xiaomi have already used it on phones.

Google Android source code: There is no erofs commitment in Android 13 after all

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