Comedy series ‘Jus’ wins viewers, Amazing Grace is less well known | show

Comedy series 'Jus' wins viewers, Amazing Grace is less well known |  show

The second episode of the comedy series juice, with Diederik Ebbinge in the lead role, drew more viewers than it debuted last week. This is evident from the characters of Stichting KijkOnderzoek. The first episode attracted 347 thousand viewers, and yesterday 460 thousand viewers watched the second episode. Ebbinge plays in juice A guy who always does just the right thing and therefore often ends up in uncomfortable situations. The series was designed and written by Ann Barnhorn.

EO . Program Amazing blessing Viewers lost compared to the start of last Sunday. 828,000 people watched the first episode of the music competition where celebrities sing the gospel. The second broadcast was watched by 650,000 viewers on Sunday. In this episode, actor Charly Luske sang the song greatest showman† he is He dedicated this to his daughter Alice, who until recently lived his life as a boy. “I want to let her know it’s okay,” Lusky said. I am very supportive, although as a parent I don’t understand everything about it. But I do my best. And I support the song’s global message to judge everyone less harshly from now on.”

the village, in which Huub Stapel and Wim Daniëls went in search of the charm of villages in the Netherlands, has remained stable. Just like last week, over a million people watched the reporting series. The most watched program of the evening has traditionally been NOS . News From 8 pm, more than 1.7 million people turn on the TV.

This site spoke to Diederik Ebbinge about his role in juice† You can read the interview over here

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