Poeli Finals to Tim Fransen, Richard Groenendijk and Alex Roeka

Poeli Finals to Tim Fransen, Richard Groenendijk and Alex Roeka


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The Poelifinarios, the Best Cabaret Show Awards, went this year to comedians Tim Fransen, Richard Grunendyk and Alex Roica. The Awards Ceremony was held tonight at the Diligentia Theater in The Hague.

Tim Fransen won in the Engagement category for his performance human and me. He defeated, among others, Peter Pannecock, who was nominated for the New Year’s Eve convention.

Richard Grunendyk won the Poelifinario Award in the Entertainment category, with his show Best of all. This is the second time that Grunendijk and Francine have won the Poelifinario.

And Poelifinario third, in the Cabaret class, went to Alex Roeka for his performance new dreams.

The prize is named after the fictional bird Poelifinario, a species invented by Toon Hermans. It’s been around since 2003 and it’s the jury that decides the winners.


And the Neerlands Hoop award for greatest cabaret talent of the year went to Kirsten van Teijn. She won with her performance (S) experience. In it, she recounts how her normal straight life is turned upside down when she suddenly begins an extra second relationship with a woman.


Dutch football winner Kirsten van Tejen

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