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Apple is set to release iPadOS 16.1, with support for Stage Manager multitasking, within two weeks. So said Bloomberg editor Mark Gorman. The release was initially scheduled for September, but Apple postponed it to “later this fall.”

With the release in two weeks, the iPadOS delay will be gone. The release will also coincide with the presentation of the quarterly numbers, Gorman notes. This is something Apple does quite often. Since the release of a new operating system often also happens around the release of new hardware, new hardware may also be released in this week.

This device could be announced the week before, i.e. next week. Since there is no information yet on a final event, it is possible that Apple will announce the new device without revealing it in a broadcast or at a physical event.

Apple already announced the end of August It will cancel the release of iPadOS 16 and 16.1 later in the fall. iPadOS 16 includes the much-discussed Stage Manager feature. It allows users to manage windows through a panel on the side. This functionality will initially only be available on iPads with M1-soc, but after much criticism, the manufacturer makes it available For other iPads.

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