Whistleblower orders Twitter to destroy evidence | Technique

Whistleblower orders Twitter to destroy evidence |  Technique
Peter Zatko, a whistleblower who exposed serious abuse on Twitter, was forced to destroy evidence on behalf of the company. The news agency reported that Zatko burned notes and erased computer files Bloomberg Based on court documents.

The former head of Twitter security says he burned 10 handwritten notebooks and deleted 100 computer files. Court documents show that the notebooks contain notes from meetings with his Twitter colleagues.

Court documents show that Twitter Zatko via a undisclosed agreement forced to destroy evidence. The social network paid him $7 million (7.23 million euros) for the secrecy.

The non-disclosure agreement also prevents the whistleblower from speaking publicly about the security issues he or she has discovered. But the agreement cannot prevent Zatko from reporting abuse to Twitter as a whistleblower to US authorities.

Shortly after the signing of the non-disclosure agreement, ZATCO D abuses I reported to the US authorities on Twitter. The findings paint a picture of the sheer chaos of platform security. According to Zatko, the situation on Twitter is so worrisome that the safety of users and contributors, national security and even democracy are at risk.

Twitter previously announced that it does not recognize the image that Zatko draws. A company spokesperson said his findings were riddled with “inconsistencies and inaccuracies”. In addition, the “important context” would be missing. The platform says it assumes Zatko intentionally wants to harm the company.

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