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number. FIDO2 always communicates:
Physical key browser (eg Yubikey) (eg Chrome) or server application (eg

The exchange was declared as “<->“Because it validates the challenge and the response. It’s two-way.

So your authentication will always go directly between you and

Big Tech is only interested in implementing FIDO2 (Passkey), and helping to market it.

If you (anyone reading this) are considering using this benchmark, I recommend Yubikeys. (Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday is coming in November, when Yubico usually offers discounts)
I don’t look like a Mediamarkt salesperson, but I use one myself every day. Yubikey supports all relevant authentication standards by the way. So you can set up up to 32 OATH-TOTP secrets there and access them via
It is enough to use one key on all devices (at least all devices with a USB port; for Lightning you have to buy the Lightning version, because of Apple’s nonsense).

If you want to know more about FIDO2 and/or Yubikeys, just ask. Mi is the easiest and most secure way to authenticate, once you have it set up. Set it up at my retired parents for everything that uses FIDO2, and I don’t have to be an IT service help desk anymore.

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