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There are two different ethical dilemmas to help as I see them:

There might be more if you take a few more angles.

There are definitely more dilemmas!

I was shocked by the title, “What, are you going to monetize MS from the code written by the F/LOSS authors?!”

Anyway, like @sox He also argues: One of the spearheads in F / LOSS is truly knowledge transfer.

the pilot’s contribution to removing parts of the tedious work from your hands; For F/LOSS programmers (for now?) for free. Hopefully the co-pilot will agree to the license you choose…

Regardless, the bigger dilemma is: Will our job or our part-time job go away? Is this how cashiers felt thirty years ago when barcodes were introduced? Or how did screw drivers feel about the toothpaste tube cap seventy years ago?

for 10 bucks per hour In a month I can not write code! But the time left is mine less I could spend on other things if I didn’t have to write code. Thinking about the actual problem I’m working on, or trying to implement in another language.

And on the bright side, as with watches, there is bound to be a market for manual code!

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