Odell Beckham Jr says the Rams knows where he wants to be, but has given him ‘lowest lows’

Odell Beckham Jr says the Rams knows where he wants to be, but has given him 'lowest lows'

The Los Angeles Rams He has always been a favorite to sign a broad future with free agent Odell Beckham Jr. After all, they were the team he signed with after his release from Cleveland Browns Last year, he won the Super Bowl because of it. ESPN reported this week that the rams are still Probably landing place for OBJ, but threw some cold water on that Wednesday novel.

This week, she tweeted “Built in Buffalo,” claiming that an OBJ was spotted at the Buffalo Airport. This started a conversation among fans, and eventually Beckham jumped in. In a Twitter thread, the broad offer revealed that the offer made to him by the Rams was poor. He seemed to be slightly offended as he felt like he had found a home with the organization.

“Los Angeles knew where I wanted to be…but they didn’t give me…anything! So I don’t know what people want me to do, I know my value and what the show wasn’t reflecting. So it’s hard to say I can go back Even if I thought I had finally found this house!”

Meanwhile, OBJ said that the Rams treated him well, and that they both helped each other out in 2021. However, he said he received “the least low offers” from them.

“But yeah, L.A. treated me natural and special at the same time, and we see how it was done! For both sides. I went out to win (the cup) there I know in danger of playing no-league without the AFC Champions League… and then I got the lowest bids and then you’re going into Next season. Impossible (laughs emoji)”

ESPN reported Earlier this week, the Rams maintained a “good relationship” with Beckham.

Jeremy Fowler wrote, “Most of the executives I’ve spoken to think that rams are the favorites and give more meaning.” “The team has maintained a good relationship with Beckham and has a deep knowledge of the injury profile. His star player plays in Los Angeles and has developed a fast-paced relationship on the field with (Quarterback Matthew) Stafford.”

Wednesday, Shawn McVeigh Reporters He was aware of Beckham’s frustration with the team’s low performances, but added: “It is not the last offer to come from us.”

Beckham joking Last month, he signed with the winner of the Bills-Rams match in the first week Invoices He appears to be one of the favorites to land Beckham, as they are the likely favorites to win the Super Bowl this season, and former teammate Von Miller has done some recruiting. We can’t read Beckham’s mind, but it looks like he wants to play somewhere where he can compete for the Super Bowl, and earn some decent money too.

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