February 3, 2023

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Giron (35): “I would like to get 4,500 euros” |  salary

Giron (35): “I would like to get 4,500 euros” | salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutchman this every week. Today: Jeroen (35) works 38 hours a week as a steelwork painter.

What do you earn?
“I get a gross of 3,350 euros and a net of 2,550 euros.”

Happy with – cheerful who?
Yes, but I have some ambitions. I have a bachelor’s degree and would like to grow. Either in salary or position. I would go for a total of 4500 euros. I think that’s a great number. I still have to figure out what the possibilities are within this company.”

What are your secondary employment terms?
“Since the gasoline price increase, my employer has increased the travel allowance from 19 cents to 30 cents per kilometer. But the additional 11 cents is still fully taxable. In my case, this is beneficial because I am no longer entitled to benefits. I can imagine a number of colleagues have They have problems with this, although most of my colleagues live nearby.

In order to develop myself, I will soon be able to follow a course worth 4500 euros. I’m now looking with my employer to see if this is the right path for me, but it won’t be because of the costs.”

Have you negotiated your salary?
I did it when I came. I was done by the recruiter. Because I’m not good at it. I’m too humble to market myself. I asked him what I’m worth. Then he said 3200 euros in total. He put me in touch with this company. They searched for a scale, but This means that 50 euros were deducted: so their offer was 3,150 euros. I found it acceptable. In the meantime, I got a salary increase.”

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Has your salary increased compared to the previous job?
Before that, I worked as an infrastructure work planner and earned a total of 2,700 euros there. So I’ve made good progress. I got a good promotion by hopping between jobs. again using the same recruiter. If I had to do it myself I would have said 3000€ and then it became 2900€. My recruiter put a few hundred euros on his head.”

Ever tried to negotiate with yourself?
,,number. I declined an offer once. I will surrender at the bottom. The business owner said: This is what we pay everyone, then I said: Then it stops.


The business owner said: This is what we pay everyone, then I said: Then it stops

Do you know what your colleagues earn?
“I have a picture of it. Some are quite open about it. From others I can estimate it somewhat based on the metrics. Am I open about it myself? It’s not a secret, but it’s more than that not mentioned. It’s up to everyone to be open about it or not.” It is somewhat new that we are talking about salary in the Netherlands, and not everyone is used to it.”

How do you see your future?
“At the moment I am a single parent. My girlfriend can’t work yet because she doesn’t speak the language yet. We are even now. This weighs me down. I hope she can find a job by the end of the year and we have more space.”

Is Jeroen earning enough?

Age: 35
Number of years of work experience: 2
Number of working hours per week: 38
Education: HBO
Position: Engineer / Engineer
Industry: Technology / Industry
Number of employees: more than 400
Country of residence of the head office: Netherlands

according to Salary Guide The average salary for his position is €3,096 gross. “It looks like I’m fine. Among the results, the salary guide also lists vacancies for positions that pay between 3,500 and 5,000 euros. So my goal of 4,500 euros is not that crazy. So I will definitely make a plan with my team leader for further growth.”

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