Volvo introduces the electric EX30 SUV as the first Volvo car with an LFP battery – Image and Sound – News

See, this looks good. Cost effective, very low total cost of ownership, reliable, and practical. I don’t know how accurate Volvo’s GOM is, but 344 km is enough for Groningen every day to and fro. If things like regeneration, 3-stage AC charging, auxiliary operation (climate and windshield wipers) + infotainment (Android Auto/Apple Carplay) are good, then everything is fine, I guess.

Loading capacity is a bit low, but that’s a problem at most during vacations, and it can’t even be beat.

I hope they, like Hyundai, also use this chassis for a more aerodynamic model, because if there’s one thing EVs are good at, it clearly shows how much power transmission costs, especially if you compare it to something like baking a piece of meat, or heating, or whatever. . An electric car is always more economical than a petrol car (after all, a liter of petrol has about 9 kWh of potential energy, but an EV goes way further than an ICE per liter), but this is still a dynamic beast.

I have to admit that my previous car, the Ioniq Electric (now driving the heiress) was really a “wonderful thing” in terms of efficiency. But the market wants SUVs, so it “starts” there, despite all the drawbacks of the form factor (hence, fortunately, this is actually a crossover and not a real SUV, these things are much more serious!!)

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