Tijl Beckand’s volatile adventure does not evoke sympathy

Tijl Beckand's volatile adventure does not evoke sympathy

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Tegel Picand described his program as a “face adventure”. Worth the effort?! The adventure involved Majok, a somewhat lavish but practical person, and her 21-year-old son, Marin, buying a rundown house to renovate and resell. permutation, in jargon.

Picand asked, “How many pence do you want to make out of it?” €50,000 to €60,000 would be nice, according to the mother and son, who bought a separate house in the 1970s in Twente – and much had to be done about it. “You’re burning yourself out, honestly,” said contractor and TV star Bob Sykes.

Then began what we already know from many DIY and renovation programs: tearing down bathrooms, hacking walls, plastering, sanding, painting. And, of course, swearing and bickering, in this case between mother and son, about which the viewer has hardly received any additional information. Was there another dad in the picture, did the mom have another job, and where did they get the finances just to cough up six tons?

That was the show’s main challenge (Picand’s disinterested presentation and apparent lack of chemistry between him and Sykes didn’t help either): the obvious winners in a thoroughly sick housing market don’t evoke much sympathy.

In the end, Majok and Marin succeed in turning the lackluster house into a dime in 5 months Basic, with unavoidable herringbone flooring, neat kitchen and industrial glass connecting doors. “They understand how to bring something to market,” Sikes judged approvingly. The local broker, with euro signs in his eyes, spoke of the “dessert of the week.”

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So it was no surprise that the house was resold at a great profit. Mother and son, it seems, are having a fierce argument, having collected just under €85,000. “Satisfied?” Picand wanted to know who Majoke was. definitely. As a viewer, it was hard to partake in the euphoria, these two winners facing off against so many losers, who can only dream of an affordable home.

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