The C & A in Herestraat Groningen has been largely demolished for housing and a new underground bike cellar

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The C&A Building changes dramatically from a shopping complex to an apartment complex. Large-scale demolition and new construction should give the head of Herestraat in Groningen a better look.

Currently, the entire C&A building from the ground floor to the fourth floor is used as shop, storage and installation space. New in the plans is a crypt for five to six hundred bikes. Soon there will be space for shops on the ground and first floors. Above this, new floors will be built along Herestraat and Gedempte Zuiderdiep with rental apartments of two, three and four rooms and single-family homes.

additional floor

To do this, the building will be demolished up to the first floor and built with lighter materials, “this way an additional floor can be added,” says Alderman Rik van Nijenhuis (PvdA). There will be no social rental apartments in the building. There will be homes above the rental subsidy limit.

Real estate developer Redevco has not yet provided any clarification regarding the lease of retail space to C&A. The fashion group doesn’t say anything about it at the moment; It had previously suffered poor business results and then decided to close branches in Stadskanaal, Veendam and Hoogezand.

More space for pedestrians

A bicycle vault is a long-cherished desire of the municipality of Groningen. “This way we create more pedestrian space in this busy shopping area,” says local council member Van Nigenhuis. According to the municipality, the number of bicycles parked on the left and right will greatly benefit the street view and the quality of this entrance to the center. Financial agreements were made with Redevco for the construction and management of the bike shed. A contribution from the municipality is expected.

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Van Niejenhuis considers the redevelopment of the C&A building a major boost for the Herestraat chief. Right now, part of the building along Gedempte Zuiderdiep looks like a boring box. The municipality is praising the new housing in this part of the city centre. “The shopping center is less quiet in the evening.”

No secluded corner

The facelift also gives the perimeter of the Burchtstraat and Gelkingestraat a different look. The new C&A Building, which borders these streets, will be radically altered and given a more modern look. As a result, the Burchtstraat will soon no longer be a rather remote corner. The municipality hopes that the Gelkingestraat – which no longer functions as a bus route – will attract more cyclists and pedestrians and will form a more attractive link.

Redevco applied for an environmental permit in April. The mayor and members of the legislature expect to be able to pass a draft resolution within a few weeks. The developer hopes that there will be no objections so that he can start the demolition and construction works at the end of this year. Under the current schedule, Redevco hopes to complete the work by mid-2025.

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