Girl (1) who wears a queen costume gets compliments from the queen

Girl (1) who wears a queen costume gets compliments from the queen

Almost indistinguishable from the real thing: complete with a hat, pearl necklace, handbag, wig and even two dogs – the Queen’s favorite dogs – a slightly smaller galleon stand looks similar The Queen is pictured for Halloween. Queen Elizabeth liked this so much that she decided to send a personal letter to the family, written by Lady Waiting Mary Ann Morrison.

The message begins “The Queen is so glad you sent her a letter and she was glad to see a picture of Glenn in her beautiful clothes.” The topic of the Queen’s dogs is also discussed: She has been keeping these dogs as pets for years and still loves them and still has two Corgis and Dorgies, a cross between Dachshund and Corgi.

The main reason to choose this outfit is that the little one is a good friend to the dogs around the house. “We wanted to do something where dogs could be part of the masquerade party and we’re also big fans of the royal family,” Catelyn said.

During Halloween, Galen would shower on her clothes. The proud mother continues, “People bowed and waved and called her ‘Your Majesty.'”

Queen Elizabeth has been on the English throne for 69 years with ups and downs, but has recently taken the crown. Her husband Prince Philip passed away four months ago, and her children and grandchildren are causing her so many headaches. Fortunately, the Queen is now enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Scotland.

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