New season Miljoenenjacht kicks off with sore losers: ‘This is so sad’

New season Miljoenenjacht kicks off with sore losers: 'This is so sad'

Starting with Barbara. She has a chance to play the final with Linda, but first she must compete against four others as usual. The candidate has one straight answer after another and it doesn’t look like he can be dethroned. But then the game turns. In the last seconds she doesn’t know the answer twice and flies out, despite all her correct answers.

Linda also sees the drama of that. “What an absurdity! It hurts so much,” the presenter complains. “You have a round of loud applause and three thousand euros. Good luck, thank you!” Fortunately, Barbara can still laugh, but she’s training. Viewers sympathize with her. “Better (Barbara) has to leave at the last minute. This game can be cruel, brutal and corrupt,” one viewer aptly summed up.

Then Joao. The best man receives a golden buzzer during the final game, which he can call in for a chance to win the contents of the briefcase chosen by candidate Eric. Joao can earn at least €50,000. In the previous season, the Golden Buzzer won the main award seven times. But Linda warns: “It can only contain fifty cents.”

Joao is clearly poised for some great pocket money, but she’s sorely disappointed. In the bag for which he is ringing, it turns out, there are only fifty cents. Ouch… viewers feel the pain through the TV screen. The rules are clear, but still: “There must be an amount of at least a thousand euros attached to this golden bell, because this is really very sad,” one of them suggests.

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With the start of the new season of Million Hunt SBS6 scores again in primetime with 1.3 million viewers. This is after a very expensive viewing nightmare Avastars Welcome to John de Mol:

Million Hunt It can be seen every Sunday at 7.55pm on SBS6 and you can Look back here.

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